• Creative Storage for Everyday

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    Image by Mari Eriksson Photography, sourched from https://www.sfgirlbybay.com

    Having suitable and accessible storage is essential for reducing clutter in everyday living.
    With ‘tiny’ homes and minimalism now being commonplace - storage needs to
    deliver to your requirements – big or small.

    Both the free-standing white cabinet and versatile industrial shelf can reside in any room
    in your home. Cooking books, everyday kitchenware and collectables can easily be
    stored in a visible way for all your kitchen and living room needs. Storing your towels,
    linen and bathroom essentials will now be an enjoyable experience!

    Summer Display Cabinet RRP $3,750

    French Country Montigue White Cabinet
    Montigue Cabinet RRP $3,199

    French Country Abbey Industrial Shelf
    Abbey Industrial Shelf RRP $3,950

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